Mala is much more then yoga teacher. She is like illuminating guide, full of love, tenderness and calmness, always ready to show her students the way into their hearts, where a real trasures are waiting to be found.

With love Ania

In these classes I experience the expansion of my consciousness which is truly divine and I do not feel out of the loop not living in India, which is land of Yoga. I am fortunate I found these unique classes as I could access resourceful states more easily.

David Sanford

This class is unique among pregnancy yoga classes because it really challenges you physically. It prepares you for the challenges of labour and birth with breathing and strengthening exercises. This is my third pregnancy and thanks to Mala’s class I’m feeling fit, strong, lean and toned. I don’t know how I would’ve coped without her. Mala is incredible supportive and offers lots of practical advice. She’s also helped me to connect with my baby by spending some time in each class touching on the spiritual world through guided visualisation and meditation, which has been very enlightening and deeply relaxing.

Yvonne Harvey

I started yoga with Dr. Mala 2 years ago. When I started I had quite a nasty shoulder injury. By yoga I have regained full mobility in my shoulder. I have found my flexibility to increase significantly which has undoubtedly helped me in the various sports I compete in at county level. My back always used to be a problem but since starting yoga it has improved markedly and rarely have problems with it.

Simon Hooker

Really impressed with Dr Mala’s classes and advise. Over the last couple of weeks I feel so much better e.g. I used to have hip pain and this has disappeared. Never having done yoga before I am really pleased with the progress and support given. I look forward to my next session. Now I will work on my pelvic floor.

Priya Shah

Mala is blessed with a very rare talent of bringing yoga to people’s lifes. She is teacher with a big heart.  She brings joy to every class and beyond!  Mala introduced me to yoga about 2.5 years ago and I am now fully in love with it! Every class is different, it suits any ability and has lot of focus on breathing and inner mind. If I am stressed yoga is the best healing. Our group attends many great yoga, mind and soul events in London, wider UK and next year, in India! Thanks to Mala, my health improved, back pain is gone, I lost of excess weight and feel wonderful inside and outside. Feel complete!
Good bless you, Mala

These classes are true gems of Dr Mala’s wisdom, awareness and loving support. She pays close attention to detail and tailors each move to suit my ability and need. I really enjoy these classes and look forward to each session.

Leanne Clark

In these much enjoyable classes I experience those postures deeply rather than merely doing; and being present in each moment. Mala’s words and wisdom both are enlightening and lifting. I start living fully with enthusiasm.

Sean Williams

I thank my husband for gifting me Mala’s classes. Mala’s “The Million Blessings Million Virtues” formula was of huge help dealing with every contraction. When I went into labour I instinctively used movements and positions we had practiced each week in class. The breath work became the key to my focus, control and relaxation. Mala’s words ran through my head and helped me birth my little angel without fear and with confidence in myself. I highly appreciate your wisdom Mala and feel truly blessed being in your classes.

Claire Fraser

I’m so glad I’ve found you Mala! I haven’t done yoga since my two year old was born – So amazing to finally get back to practicing and your classes are so wonderful as are you!
Thank you so much. XXX

Natalie De La Cour