Birthing Workshop with Partner

This much popular birthing workshop is a total birth preparation guidance and imparts positive birthing confidence in birthing mum and the partner. The timeless wisdom of manifesting the positive birthing by Hypno-birthing is practised. Using this technique women have been birthing with peace for ages. This workshop creates positive mental preparation and you learn different breathing techniques, movements, visualisation to move through the wave of contractions with ease.  Every contraction is perceived as wave and you ride through it with your breath. Different positions to use during contractions and restorative positions between the contractions are practised. Visualization/ self-hypnosis is practised as it is a very powerful tool to open your body like petals of a flower opening up; and creating and clearing up passage for your baby to come in this world smoothly. At the end you embrace this most profound spiritual birthing experience through hypno-birthing. Birthing partner learn and practice how to soothe your nerves so that would be able to relax between the contractions and restore.

All useful information which new parents need is furnished during the workshop eg. bonding with baby, collostrum an elixir for the skin of the baby, vitamin K shot, breast feeding support groups, baby’s care and mother’s care after birth.


Giving this workshop is my highest pride. Birthing couple experience huge calmness, confidence and they look forward to the birth.

Cost:  £150

Schedule:  Sunday PM

What people experience:

Had a wonderful experience doing pregnancy yoga and the couples birthing workshop with Mala. It put me in the right frame of mind to have a natural intervention free birth. Mala’s yoga pelvic spirals and other tips actually helped me during labor which was very quick. Had no problems and was a very positive birthing experience which I credit to Mala. God Bless!

Kalpana Hari xxx

To all pregnant women. I would like to recommend the birth workshop. Both me and my husband have learned important tools of how to cope during contractions, as well we got Mala’s positive thinking approach, which will guide us in our journey of our little baby boy. Very inspiring pregnancy yoga classes and birth workshop. I’m very pleased I’ve found Mala to be my teacher!

Shyned Maritan