Meditation and deep relaxation are integral part of all yoga classes with yogini Mala. Yoga and Meditation retreats with yogini release stress from cellular level and one experiences a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Meditation is that fascinating journey where one releases deep seated stress and becomes more awakened to one’s true self and able to unfold the hidden potential that one is not usually aware of.

Meditation expands consciousness and reduces the mental resistance, thus realising indestructible sense of well-being.

Meditation leads to self discovery and sense of oneness with the wider world- a deep seamless connection and under lying peace within us.

It is about living fully in each moment and not duelling in the past or the future.

Ten minutes of daily practice of meditation can make huge difference in life. It brings a growing sense of oneness with the wider world and we start appreciating things around us and accept them as they are.  It can bring the perspective we need to manage our busy schedule and help us manage stress.

In meditation sessions we use number of techniques to reach to the point that-life is so simple.

All know the way, but very few actually walk it – Zen


Benefits of meditation

  • We feel more connected to an inner strength
  • Develops a growing sense of oneness with the wider world and we start appreciating life
  • Improves inter-personal relationship
  • Reduces work related stress
  • Enhances creativity and intuition
  • Potentially accelerates physical and emotional healing
  • Worries, fears and anxiety reduce drastically and we start living
  • Increases sense of control in life
  • Realising nothing is permanent in life
  • Start recognising – what is limiting us?
  • Health improves in many folds

“Do not wait for life. Do not long for it. Be aware, always and at every moment, That the miracle is in the here and now”
Marcel Proust

How meditation works:

Through deep-breathing, which is central to any meditation practice, muscle fatigue and tension are reduced by increasing the circulation of oxygen to the muscles.  Meditation has also been proven to lower high blood pressure due to its stress-reducing benefits.  Meditation induces the relaxation response which helps manage pain, insomnia and headaches.

It brings to the state of homeostasis and brain starts resonating on much lower frequencies, which allow senses to be heightened and aroused even during routine tasks, one starts seeing beauty of flowers or experiencing freshness in the air, making day more enjoyable; and one starts responding to situations rather than reacting.

The “fight or flight” response is greatly reduced and more emotional self-control is achieved which helps in crisis management, making life simple and easy.

Meditation promotes deep sense of relaxation, builds internal energy, expands inner peace and tranquillity and greater Self-awareness and far reaching goal is living with indestructible sense of well-being.

The feeling of being more “connected” and a greater sense of purpose help to resolve any past issues and difficulties on an unconscious level hence relieves from anxiety and fears.