I am blessed with practice of yoga and meditation for over fifty years. My passionate journey of yoga started at the age of thirteen when I saw a Himalayan Yogi practising yoga under a tree on the bank of the River Ganges (Ma Ganga) in the yoga land of Rishikesh, India. I was completely drawn to his practice and there started my journey of yoga. It helped me with my spotrs, improved my Hockey matches and enabled me won many medals.

Also, yoga helped me to enhance my concentration and mental clarity. After a few minutes of yoga practice I found my focus was better, it helped me to stay calm and focused during much challenging times in my studies and later in my profession of Space Scientist.

Presently, I am able to enjoy 5K trail run five days a week and 10K hike twice a week. I can’t thank enough to this practice of aligning, strengthning, stretching, releasing, flexing, focusing, concentrating, breathing, calming, resonating and thriving in health and well-being and quality awareness.

For me yoga has become my everlasting ritual. Now it is the dance of my body and the rhythm of my breath.

I have lived and visited Himalaya (land of Yogis and ancient Rishis) more than twenty times in my quest to experience real aspects of yoga and to understand deep purpose of this ancient wisdom, during this journey I was fortunate to learn to unfold this highly encrypted language of yoga from many revered Himalayan yogis and gurus. It was encrypted in the form of symbols, imagery, carvings on the walls of ancient caves and spiritual places and Vedas and other ancient scriptures. All original texts on yoga and Vedas are thousands years old scriptures in the form of very condensed phrases/verses with deep meaning.  It took me couple of years to visit those places and spent good length of time to unfold some to get deep message and purpose. My interest became very deep with burning fire to read and understand original texts on Yoga and its origin. I decided to learn Sanskrit language as all ancient original texts are written in Sanskrit. I would say I am still on the journey to unfold, more I am able to dive into it, more I understand that its a lifetime study.

My yoga teacher training was done heavily in India and also in the U.K. by British Wheel of Yoga (BWY Dip), London. 

Having experienced the transformational power of yoga, I am committed to sharing the benefits of this ancient art and science with passion and enthusiasm while consistently looking for ways to improve myself as a practitioner, teacher and Guru. I strongly believe that the regular practice of yoga and meditation improves health at all levels-physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social; and self-awareness. It deepens awareness we be able to harness a more balanced and positive outlook of life. We practice, persevere and thrive.

I am completely dedicated to deepening my knowledge of this ancient art and science to live a fulfilling peaceful life and to serve humanity. Presently I am leading a life of yogini – a happy soul grounded in inner joy and peace; and serving through my heart and soul to my disciples, students, followers and community to uplift their feel, ground into happiness and inner peace, release stress and enhance well being.

Yoga and meditation has blessed me with enthusiasm and appreciation of life regardless of any challenges.  Meditation helped me to release stress and accessing inner peace and calmness.  Along with yoga postures, meditation is incorporated in my every  class which helps my students to release stress, feel stronger, calmer and able to sleep better. My work is focused on releasing stress from cellular level and realise a deep sense of well being.

Regardless of my busy routine I am dedicated to serve voluntarily to share moments of some joy, calmness, relaxation, fun and laughter with the Peace Hospice patients.

Every year I nourish my students with total well-being in much popular residential Yoga Retreat. In Feburuary, 2023 retreat thirty participants followed me to India, all loved this five days retreat and already booked next retreat in January, 2025 retreat in Kerala, India. In these retreats people get opportunity to empty their mind and start afresh with positive energy and lifted feel; and learn a wholistic life style, relationship with mother nature to cure and heal themselves. There are several enjoyable activities, narure walk, hike, canoe, boat trip in back waters, swim in lovely warm sea, eco-village tour, exploring nature, spice plantations, tea plantations, local culture and cusine, wholistic/ healing massages of ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda and much more.  These retreats are a great time for all with like minded people, socialising, and doing fun-filled well-being activities, great food. A total transformation on healthy body, joyful mind and happy soul.

Recently, I have been recognised by One Vision organisation for my service to humanity as wholistic yoga Guru; and recieved a community service award for 2023. This award was handed to me by Member of Parliament Mr. Dean Russell.


English expression: May all be blessed! May all be healthy and prosperous and joyful! May all be able to ground in inner peace! May all be able to experience completeness, wholeness

People’s experience:

 Lidia Long – The most holistic yoga wxperience. I have previously attended yoga classes with reputable yogis in India and Hong Kong, but it wasn’t until I met Mala that I actually understood what yoga is. She tailors her classes in such a way that everyone benefits no matter what your fitness or experience level. You always feel that you are part of something great, someting cosmic with Mala. The ultimate yoga experience was the retreat in Goa she organised for a large group of her students, filled with abundance of positivity and teaching of Ayurvedic health practices, cooking and eating wholesome food, cleancing (with oils and amazing homemade scrub),  Mindfulness was embedded in everything we did. 

Above all, Mala is an exceptional human being, an inspirational & spiritual leader and most humble, selfless and kindest super-smart woman I know.Being in her presence alone is uplifting, yoga is just an extra benefit.

Olga – I have been attending yoga sessions by Dr. Mala for last ten years. It started as I had insomnia and back problems. I was not flexible, had and still have an office job where I have to sit at my desk for hours. First two years with Dr. Mala and I forgot about my health problems, my health improved, back pain is gone, I lost of excess weight and feel wonderful inside and outside, however, later I discovered much deeper level of yogawhich Mala Ji introduces in class : mudras, pranayama, bandhas, drishti, meditation, history and philosophy of yoga and much more. No one class has been repetitive. Most importantly, Mala Ji embedded a truly yogic lifestyle, she is an embodiment of great health, uses only natural and organic nutritions, follows vegan diet, has minimal possessions, gives back a lot to the community and a pure lovi ng human being. I love her with all my heart and our yoga community that Mala Ji created consists of like minded people. Over the years, i saw so many people whose health she changed to be such a good place. Many people keep coming to her for years like me. Now with online classes also available I see her students joining from all over the world. If you want to introduce yoga in your life and join a path to a great health and supportive community, Yoga by Mala is the place to be!

Helena Jackson – The Sunday morning yoga with Mala – I love it. Gives me permission to ground in present moment and allows me to challenge my body and thrive in well-being. It offers me an hour of feeling connected. Teaches me about our amazing bodies. Energises me for the week ahead. And delicious ginger tea at the end sometimes! Thank you Mala for sharing your gift of wisdome with us.

David Sanford – In these classes I experience the expansion of my consciousness which is truly divine and I do not feel out of the loop not living in India, which is land of Yoga. I am fortunate I found these unique classes as I could access resourceful states more easily.

Panchali Sinharoy- I would like to express my thanks and admiration to my beloved teacher Mala Di. She is truly inspirational, motivational and a superb teacher. Her Yoga classes are always fun and the variety keeps you wanting more every week. Her enthusiasm and interest in EVERYONE who attends her classes is amazing. I have a lot more co-ordination than I started with. I fully intend to continue as it has become an integral part of my life.

I attended therapeutic yoga one to one sessions with dr Mala for my knee pain.

It was amazing. She was very professional and taught me yoga tailored to my aches and pains. I highly recommend her one to one sessions if you suffering from any ailment and thinking of doing yoga. it will definitely make a difference 

Dr. Shyamali Liyanage

You can contact Dr. Mala by sending an email at dr.guptamala@gmail.com