In January 2025 eight nights retreat in Kerala, India I thrieve to share ancient wisdom of Ayurveda which was handed to me by my parents. I am third generation who grew up in Ayurveda practices and wisdome.  Ayurveda is a science of using natural priceless foods to heal, nourish, vitalise body to achieve optimal health and well-being. Through Ayurveda knowledge we can balance vertain imbalances in the body. These imbalances are called Doshas. These imbalances can brought into the balance through certain Ayurveda herval oil massages, Dosha balalcing foods, Dosha balancing Yoga postures, breathing exercices and certain activities in Mother Nature to achieve vibrant physical, mental and emotional, social and spiritual health and very conducive to release stress and heal yourself and be accomplisher in life.
Also I would get opportunity to conduct a master class on Pranayama (BREATING TECHNIQUES) to release, restore and replenish body, quieten the mind and accessing deeper bliss, joy Ananada. Some body preparation is needed before doing Pranayama.
Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Bandha, Mudra are the practices to release and clear up deep seated stress and infuse vibrant energy in the body at all levels. Pranayama infuses Prana, vitality, life force and vibrancy in the body and bliss in the life.

With Love and Blessings
yogini Mala