First evidence that yoga can help keep expectant mothers stress free

30 April 2014 Manchester University

Pregnancy Yoga

For the first time researchers in the UK have studied the effects of yoga on pregnant women, and found that it can reduce the risk of them developing anxiety and depression.

Dr.Mala is committed to take atmost care of every pregnant women in her classes as much as she would care and love to her own daughters. All feel loved, cared and safe.  

Pregnancy is a voyage through profound physical and emotional experience, although a special time in woman’s life. Pregnancy yoga is a companionate practice which is very helpful to lift up the mood and reduce initial nautiatic feeling and tiredness.  Yoga for pregnant women is a blessing which inculcate positive attitude towards pregnancy and birth. These are the classes to get freedom from fear, stress and anxiety in the first place. Classes are fun and thoroughly enjoyable by complete beginners to experienced. Gentle stretches of yoga and movements with breathing can help you keep your fitness level up; maintain optimum health and vitality throughout your pregnancy. Yoga stretches also create space within the body for growing baby and build up stamina for labour. Posture is also improved by yoga and this can help ease back problems, which are common in pregnant women.


The Pregnancy Yoga by Mala is a specialist class sessions are designed to address the physical and emotional demands of the whole journey of the pregnancy and labour in fun and informal way. Yogic breathing practiced in every session is very useful in different stages of labour.

In the class would-be-mothers are able to connect themselves to the awesome blossom-baby within and breathe in different way than the general yoga classes; huge emphasis is given to maintain that pelvic integrity. And movements are to increase the blood circulation into the womb to benefit foetus development. These pregnancy yoga classes are to make pregnancy, labour and birth a most inspiring experience.

What People Experience:

Dipa Iyer –This class is unique among pregnancy yoga classes because it really challenges you physically. It prepares you for the challenges of labour and birth with breathing and strengthening exercises. This is my third pregnancy and thanks to Mala’s class I’m feeling fit, strong, lean and toned. I don’t know how I would’ve coped without her.
Mala is incredible supportive and offers lots of practical advice. She’s also helped me to connect with my baby by spending some time in each class touching on the spiritual world through guided visualisation and meditation, which has been very enlightening and deeply relaxing.Yvonne Haevey

Ruth Buckeridge –What I like best is the fact that the class is never too crowded which enables Mala to give us individual attention. Her deep relaxation technique definitely helped me understand my pregnancy well. When I joined, I was troubled by extreme water retention and excess weight. In due course, the water retention went down drastically and the pregnancy weight gain was regulated well. It also helped in gestational diabetes control. Thanks to Mala I am mentally prepared for labour and look forward to the arrival of my baby!!

Mala is one of the most inspirational, calming and kindest people I have ever met. Her expertise in and knowledge of yoga and meditation is excellent. I have been going to her pregnancy yoga classes for 8 weeks now and my body feels amazing and I come away each week feeling energised but with serene inner calm and an amazing bond with my baby. Thank you Mala 

Claire Fraser – I thank my husband for gifting me Mala’s classes. Mala’s “The Million Blessings Million Virtues” formula was of huge help dealing with every contraction. When I went into labour I instinctively used movements and positions we had practiced each week in class. The breath work became the key to my focus, control and relaxation. Mala’s words ran through my heaId and helped me birth my little angel without fear and with confidence in myself. I highly appreciate your wisdom Mala and feel truly blessed being in your classes.

What Classes aim to do:

  • relax, feel good and centred and freedom from worries and anxiety of pregnancy and birth
  • increase flexibility and strength for ease in the birthing
  • learn breathing techniques that can be used during labour to help reduce pain and stress
  • enhance a healthy sleep pattern
  • improve circulation
  • strengthen necessary muscles in easy comfortable way
  • establish a connection between mother and baby – forge a loving bond
  • help with oedema (fluid retention) and cramps
  • relieve tension around the cervix and birth canal
  • help prepare pelvis to ease labour
  • enhance breath and body awareness, reduces worry
  • balance and calm the mind and promote a happy disposition
  • Inculcate a positive attitude towards pregnancy and birth – an essence of this class
  • excellent for positive growth of your baby at every level-physical, mental and emotional