Yoga for all

 These classes serve from complete beginners to experts.

These classes uplift positive feel and self-esteem, release stress, ground in inner peace and calmness, promote enthusiasm and sense of well-being at all levels: physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and awareness.

Classes are helpful in releasing lower back pain, strengthening whole body and enhancing balance and vitality.

Yoga and meditation has blessed me with enthusiasm and appreciation of life no matter what, its a true bliss. Meditation helped me to release stress and accessing inner peace and calmness and grounding in inner joy, hence my teaching is based on above aspects of yoga. Meditation is incorporated in my every  class which helps my students to release stress, feel stronger, calmer and able to sleep better. My work is focused on releasing stress from cellular level and realise a deep sense of well being.

I have been teaching yoga over forty years now and have developed a unique and personal teaching style to resonate whole Being while keeping classes diverse, focused and fun. My classes are combination of Hatha , Vinyasa, Kriya yoga ( to enhance physical well being),  Chakras balancing yoga -(to enhance vitality and integration) , Pranayama – breathing techniques (to release stress and stored emotions), Yoga Nidra meditation for deep relaxation and Chanting- positive frequency vibratory sounds to soothe nerves.

This approach promotes safer and more fluid physical movement, and results in a practice that cultivates lasting strength and flexibility, inner and outer awareness, and positive energy and calm. These practices are powerful, graceful, focused and fun.

At the end of every yoga class my students feel more energetic, strong and lifted with a deep sense of relaxation. This is true reward and source of inspiration to me.


Benefits of yoga:

At physical level:

  • Improves musculo-skeletal alignment
  • Strengthens muscles and ligaments
  • Lubricates joints
  • Invigorate and strengthens internal organs, and improves body functioning
  • Works on deep cellular level, and slows down aging
  • Relieves from the storage of lymph in the body and detox
  • Works on endocrinal glands and improves immunity
  • Improves digestion and metabolism
  • Increases circulation and controls blood pressure

At mental level:

  • Works on the Nervous System and helps stress release
  • Creates space for nerves to pass without compression
  • Balances Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System – Brings homeostasis
  • Counter acts destructive effects of hormone cortisol
  • Releases Well-being hormones e.g. Serotonin
  • Participants feel centred and calmer and focused
  • Reduces anxiety and depression and increases confidence & self-esteem

At conscious Level:

  • Increases awareness on physical, emotional and sensory levels
  • Enhances calm and mental strength
  • Feels lifted and centred
  • Improves inter-personal relationship within the family and at work
  • One feels more connected to the whole, promotes acts of empathy
  • A positive outlook on life